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About Us

About Us

About Us

About The Association

The Amateur Music Groups Association was founded in 2022.

The Association’s mission is to create a positive links between amateur music groups in the area.

The association is designed to become a conduit between groups on the Costa Blanca allowing then to share information and resources. Specific areas of cooperation are:


Clash Calendar

Groups can register their concerts and events so as to not clash with other groups in the area.

Directory of members

A contact directory of all the groups which are members.

Sharable Resources Database

Many groups have their own equipment which they can share or hire out to other groups and this database would hold that information.

Venue Database

As groups book concert venues they can upload the contact information and general information about each venue to help other groups book the same location.

Database of Third Party Suppliers

Information about suppliers for services including websites, sound systems, lighting etc.

Our main website is currently under construction and we plan to have it live in the first quarter of 2023. Fill in our application form to join today.



Cost of Joining

The first year of membership of the association is Free. The subsequent years the membership fee for the group as a whole is €30 per year.

Groups which recommend another group to join the association will receive a permanent €5 discount per recommended group that joins the association.
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